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Dental X-rays are a very important tool to every dental professional. Dr. Parent uses these images to look for problems in areas that cannot be seen before they become bigger problems. A primary concern patients have when receiving an x-ray is radiation. Our dental office uses safe modern technology, so any fears you have concerning radiation should be put at ease.

Modern dental x-rays are performed using digital x-ray images. For both you, the patient, and our office, digital x-rays offer many advantages. The most important advantage is the significantly less amount of radiation used, some reports indicate up to 80% less. Additionally, digital allows us to instantly pull up high quality images that can be enlarged, on a monitor right next to your dental chair. We are able to show you concerns and discuss future plans with large images that can be sent digitally to labs or referred offices if needed.

At Mary K. Parent Family and Aesthetic Dentistry we consider your whole well being. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in the work we are performing. We welcome questions and are here to serve you.

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