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Dental Cleanings


With daily dental brushing and flossing being the most important dental preventative care, Dental Cleanings is the second most important thing our patients can do. Regular dental cleanings and checkups help us catch problems when they are smaller and easier to take care of. Ignoring dental problems will only give you more hassle in the future.

What does a Dental Cleaning involve?

A dental cleaning is more than just brushing. Our skilled dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar that have naturally built up on your teeth. Plaque is a mixture of food particles and bacteria that accumulates through normal wear. Tartar, sometimes referred to as Calculus, is that same plaque that has hardened onto the teeth and can be quite difficult to remove without proper tools. This buildup is commonly found at the base of your teeth, where your gums begin. If the plaque extends below the gum line, the problem become more serious, often resulting in Gum Disease, which is an infection of the gums.

Dr. Parent would like you to be seen for a Dental Cleaning at least twice a year. If she sees larger dental problems she may ask for you to come in more often.

Following your dental cleaning, our hygienist will polish your teeth, removing surface stains and giving your mouth a beautifully clean look.

Dental Exams are part of your Cleaning appointment.

What does a Dental Exam involve?

Our dentist, Dr. Mary K. Parent, will examine you during your regular dental cleaning appointment. During this exam she will visually inspect your mouth and all parts of it. She will look for any obvious issues, including any abnormalities commonly associated with Oral Cancer. She may find it necessary to use dental x-rays to look for any problems that could be hidden.

In some cases, Dr. Parent may request that you have a Deep Cleaning.

What does a Deep Cleaning involve?

A Deep Cleaning is performed when Gingivitis, or Gum Disease, is detected. Using a highly specialized tool, the dental hygienist will clean below the gum line any plaque or tartar that is infecting the gum. This process is referred to as scaling. After cleaning, we perform a process of root planning which is the smoothing of tooth roots which helps prevent plaque from accumulating again.

We would love to discuss Dental Cleanings with you. Contact our Hillsboro, OR office today for more information.

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