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Dental Crowns are a customized cap that is tooth shaped and entirely surrounds your damaged natural tooth. With this cap, you will now have a strong, hard ceramic tooth structure that you can resume normal daily use that has the appearance of the original tooth structure.

Common Reasons For Dental Crowns:


  • Teeth that have decayed.
  • Teeth that are broken, cracked or fractured.
  • Large fillings that have compromised the strength of the tooth.
  • If you are seeking cosmetic enhancement, maybe the tooth is stained or gaped.
  • To increase the strength of a tooth that has had a root canal.
  • To hold a Dental Bridge in place.
  • To cover a dental implant.


We offer different varieties of crowns depending on where the tooth is located in your mouth. Our dentist, Mary K. Parent, DMD, may recommend one of the three commonly used crowns.

  1. Gold Crowns: Gold Crowns are often recommended for teeth in the back of your mouth. They offer the feel and bite most closely resembling your natural teeth and your tissue adapts best to this material. A Gold crown offers a lot of strength, which allows you to bite and chew normally, the disadvantage is they do not hide easily in your mouth.
  2. All Ceramic or Porcelain: This type of crown is recommended for a front tooth, one that is easily seen. They are made to be tooth colored, helping it to hide discreetly with your natural teeth. Though this type of crown has the most aesthetic appeal, it commonly doesn't offer the strength of the others. Though inquire with Dr. Parent, many advances have been in the works, there are new materials such as Zirconium and other ceramic materials that offer more strength with the aesthetics.
  3. Porcelain Fused to Metal: Metal-based crowns with a porcelain coating are a very strong crown that blends well with your teeth. The disadvantage is that this type of crown has been known to have chipping problems exposing the metal beneath.

There are continuously new advances in dental crowns, Mary K. Parent, DMD, will discuss what type of crown is best for you.

What the Dental Crown Procedure Involves

 Dental crowns usually require two office visits. The first appointment will involve us taking molds of the tooth area which will be used to create your custom crown. At this appointment we can also create a temporary crown.

When we have received your new crown from the Dental Laboratory, we will call you for an appointment. This second appointment will consist of cleaning the tooth once again, and carefully placing the new crown, ensuring the spacing and bite are accurate. We will discuss the care instructions with you and encourage regular dental visits to check your crown. As always, proper daily oral hygiene will help extend the life of your new crown.

Hillsboro Dentist | Crowns. Mary K. Parent is a Hillsboro Dentist.